Teamwork makes the dream work?

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The importance of solving problems together, working in teams is ever increasing. This results in an urge for companies to transform their ways of working, to push teamwork in every area of their operations.

Beware of the potential traps of this approach:

  1. Forcing cooperation: when companies want to solve everything in teams. The most obvious symptom is the so-called “meeting tourism”. Meetings follow meetings and people do not have the time to dive deeper into the problems and to do actual work.
  2. One-size-fits-all approach: every team follows the same framework for co-operation
  3. Unilateralism: one’s approach is the same to all meetings and all teams – regardless of their nature/purpose
  4. The mirage of participation: one tends to think that is able to be present at all meetings and teams in the same capacity

So teamwork is important, but without individual contribution and conscious preparation, the dream does not necessarily work.

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