The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it. In order to slow down the spread of the disease, many companies have allowed their employees to work remotely until the crisis is over.

“Remote working” is different this time. We do not know when it will end, when will we meet our colleagues the next time while we are worried about our relatives and friends. And many are simply anxious and may find it difficult to focus.

Organisations face now new challenges:

· How can we make sure that employees and project teams stay productive?

· How can we make sure that employees stay engaged?

· How can we know whether our employees are motivated?

· How does information spread within the network of our employees? Who are the information brokers? How are they connected to each other, now that they don’t meet in person?

· Do all employees have access to the knowledge they need to carry out their tasks?

· How can we maintain employee well-being and increase employee engagement?

BondWeaver’s Remote Work 2.0 solution will empower you to tackle these challenges.

BondWeaver Remote Work 2.0 solution package

- Powerful tools for everyone in the organisation

Interactional Network Visualisation

By visualising the trust, communication and work cooperation networks, managers will have a new insight to the way teams and different divisions work together, which employees are at the risk of isolation and how they can maintain the seamless flow of information in these critical times.

Employee Engagement tool

BondWeaver’s Employee Engagement tool will provide actionable insights on how you can maintain the engagement and motivation and reduce the frustration and stress level of the employees at all times, even while they are working remotely for a longer period.

Instant Survey

With BondWeaver’s new Instant Survey, managers are able to visualise and understand how their teams are operating in the remote mode. The tool can be used on a weekly basis and the manager can follow projects, evaluate the efficiency of the communication channels and track the team’s mood to ensure the well-being of all team-members.

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