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In the 21st century, psyche is the new productive power. But the human mind gets tired easily and regenerates in a totally different way than our physique. To boost our psyche, it needs to work on problems, and occasionally, we must shut our brains down to give it some rest.

The pace of progress nowadays is rapidly increasing. Fashion companies introduce two new collections every season, the tech industry introduces an innovation every month and so on. Everything is pervaded by change, we live it and breathe it. It is completely normal that this change appears in the relationship between employees and their companies, too.

Furthermore, as companies are always changing their processes, strategy and organisational structure to adapt to changes in their environment (e.g,: new competitors, new generation of customers), employees need to adapt with them, as well.  Since employees are “forced” to evolve the idea of doing this process at another company is not that terrifying anymore and might result in talents leaving the company.These factors contribute to increased workforce mobility and high attrition. The human resources department needs to be able and ready to tackle this issue.

Although, there are things that haven’t changed.
The human desire for

  • belonging somewhere: am I part of my team? Is there any other team to which I’m tied with strong connections?
  • being loved: do I have friendship within the organization?
  • Knowing that “I” matter, “I” am appreciated: do others turn to me for advice? Do others ask for my opinion?
  • becoming significant: do I receive recognition? Am I contributing to anybody’s development in the organisation?

If we would like to have our employees by our side, we should focus on these desires. They can fulfil these four basic needs of the psyche through their relationship with their community – their co-workers and their managers. Those organizations, which create a nurturing community are less affected by high attrition.

Click here to learn more about employee attrition and how to prevent it.


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